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To all those contemplating restoration of a family heirloom, we take great pride in each and every piano that we restore, realising that although it's a musical instrument, your piano holds a lot of sentimental value. 

As you can see from the examples below, repairs & restoration are no problem for Daniel with his experience of over 40 years. 

For us, your piano or pianola is as important as a family member.

old piano for pianopagePiano Restoration is a gentle art that requires skill, detailed expertise and patience by professional craftsmen.

The piano is a delicate, sensitive instrument each with their own unique and distinctive sound. Any repair or restoration work needs careful, expert handling by a professional. Don't trust your valuable instrument to a general furniture restorer who doesn't have the know-how to move or handle your piano correctly.

D & D Collins have over 40 years experience and a reputation for quality results in restoring cherished pianos, allowing them to once again enjoy pride of place in their homes.

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  • How do you restore an old piano?
baby grand piano restored french polish with lid front

Taking each individual piano as a unique piece means we use different methods for each restoration, depending on what is required. Typically we strip the piano down as much as possible. Then we call on professional piano technicians, tuners and soundboard repairers to work on the musical components. 

Meanwhile we work on polishing and restoring the exterior to its best possible state. If further repairs are needed we call on professional cabinet makers who are able to craft the needed components. Finally we re-assemble all the pieces and provide you with a fully restored piano. See an example of  one of the many Baby Grand Piano restorations we have completed.

If you love your piano, you can rely on us to provide first-rate piano restorations.

  • Can you change the colour of a piano?
Absolutely. We can custom make the colour change as you can see with the example blow, from any colours like black, brown or white to any other colour.

upright piano before colour change

This upright piano was changed in colour from brown to white and custom signage was added in Greek. 

restored upright piano white colour change


  • Can you repair damaged surfaces or broken parts?

Yes, replacing new castors, new felt, or any other parts required is all part of the restoration process. This upright piano needed extensive work:

work:work:upright piano before restoration

Repairs were carefully and thoroughly undertaken:

upright piano repair

And the end result is beautiful - a full restoration of a beautiful upright piano:

restored upright piano

  • Do you arrange pick up and delivery? 

Yes of course, pickup can be arranged by professional piano removalists who will deliver your restored piano. You are also invited to come and see your piano in our workshop before delivery, once the restoration is finished. 

This baby grand family heirloom was brought back to Sydney from overseas, in desperate need of some tender loving care. 

baby grand piano restoration top before

After no more than a month in the workshop the results of the piano restoration are spectacular. 

restored baby grand piano

See more baby & grand piano restorations here.

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