Antique Furniture Restoration

Certified antique furniture often has very significant value

Antique furniture restoration is not an overnight craft. It takes many years to master the varying traditional restoration methods. Once mastered the results can be absolutely stunning. D & D Collins has been in the furniture restoration craft for over 30 years and have completed hundreds of restoration projects successfully. They have developed a reputation for particular, careful, attentive workmanship that has been recommended time and time again.

antique writing desk repair polishCorrectly restoring a cherished piece of furniture requires it to be treated individually depending on the material used to make the piece, the environment in which it has lived, and it's condition. Also to be taken into consideration is the purpose for restoring the piece and the final expectation. Once these are determined the restorer can select the required materials, methods and techniques to
use in the restoration process.

antique writing desk french polish repairedCertified antique furniture often has very significant value, both monetary and sentimental. Particular care must be taken to maintain as much of the original piece as possible. This can involve employing some traditional joining methods, specific staining techniques and often a very individual french polishing method, to correctly match old and new pieces.

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